1.- The classes start at 8:00 in the morning or at the time arranged at registration. If the student is late, the class will still finish at the regular time.

2.- The programs FULL IMMERSION and ECONOMIC consist of 20 hours. 4 hours a day with the same teacher.The student has the option of changing teachers if not comfortable with the assigned teacher.

3.- Classes will take place only in the school,.Iif the student wants private classes outside of the school this should be agreed upon with the teacher and director and we will require the student to pay 15% more

4.-For the FULL IMMERSION and ECONOMIC programs the school will provide the student with a grammar book, exercises, notebook and pen.

5.-It is policy of the school to change teachers every week if the student studies for two or more weeks. The student will have the option to continue with the same teacher if desired but this decision must be communicated to the director, if not, the director will assume that the student wants to change teachers.

6.-In the FULL IMMERSION program the classes will only be in Spanish. Students in other kinds of programs can request an english speaking teacher at registration. English will only be used if necessary, not during the whole class.

At the Family

1.-The family will provide the student with a clean room and a private or shared bathroom and a fan. Laundry service is not included, but the family can tell the student where this service is available, or the family can provide this service for an extra cost.

2.-The family will provide the student with Nicaraguan food and juices according to the Nicaraguan customs and traditions. Three meals a day are included.

3.-When the student leaves, the room lights and fans should be turned off. At the end of the program the student should retuirn the keys to the family after checking the room. If for any reason the student loses the keys to the house he/she will be responsible for replacing them.

4.-The students must communicate with the family if they need to be back late in the night and the student has the responsibility to lock the doors of the house when they are back late. Dariana Spanish School it is not responsible for the night activities of the students. We recommend being home by 10:00 PM unless you have made different arrangements with the family.

5.-If the student wants to continue living with the family when the program of classes has finished, this service will be arranged through the school, and will only be possible if there are no other student with a reservation on that date.

6.-A student may NOT have other people in the room. Visiting should take place in the living areas of the home. If any student have another person to sleep in the room, will pay $15 dollars extra for that night and will lose the right of keeping a key of the house.

Cancellation and refund policy

1.-The student has the option of changing programs after the first day of classes or after the first week. There is no fee for changing programs.

2.-The payment of the U$50.ºº deposit should be done in advance and it is not refundable.

3.-If a student in the ECONOMIC or BASIC PROGRAM decides to cancel their program of classes, the school will refund 75% of the remaining program less U$10.ºº for the materials given (grammar book, notebook, exercises and pen).

4.-Payment for the FULL IMMERSION PROGRAM is by the week. If a student decides to cancel their program of classes, the school will refund 75% of the remaining program.