We offer courses for general and academic purposes as well as for medical professionals. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and help our students enjoy our cities, empowering them with confidence, to realize their personal potential.

We have a wide range of programmes to suit all Spanish levels. You can count on our experienced teachers to empower and guide you through your journey in Spanish, they go the extra mile to immerse you in their language and culture.

This two-week course is for anyone who wants to learn Spanish as a second or foreign language. It covers the basic aspects of the language, so no previous experience or knowledge is required.

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The cost includes 20 hours of private lessons and materials. You will have lessons for 4 hours a day, over 5 days. Classes can be taken either in the mornings
or the afternoon.

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This course includes four hours of intensive, one-to-one lessons for a total of 20 hours per week, plus cultural activities after lunch.  We will carefully select a Leon family, where you will be working on your Spanish 7 days a week.

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A little video showing you our facilties.

Vuela alto con nosotros.

Vuela alto con nosotros. | Fly high with us!www.darianaspanish.com#LearnSpanish #DarianaSpanish

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In addition, half of its population shares something in common: the Spanish language. 80% of all Spanish speakers in the world live in the Americas. Learning a foreign language means understanding another way of thinking and experiencing the world. Spanish will allow you to expand your horizons, help your career, extend travel destinations, make new friends and enjoy the American Hispanic culture that involves 19 countries.

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