From the moment you arrive, until the day you leave us, our enthusiastic and genuine staff will guide you through your stay and learning adventures. Our One-to-One Spanish courses can be completely tailor-made according to your needs and objectives. You will also have the opportunity to connect and interact with other learners from all over the world.  We have only teachers with a Bachelor Degree in education from the University of Leon with a vast professional background in teaching. Our teachers are natural born educators.

Whether it’s a traditional Central America experience or that all Latin American Adventure, whatever your preference you’ll find our location in Leon, Nicaragua to suit your needs and tastes. Our Spanish courses will teach non-native speakers how to deal with simple information and communicate in everyday situations. We will help you learn not only about the Spanish language, but also about the culture of Central America.

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn Spanish as a second or foreign language. They cover the basic aspects of the language, all the way to the professional speaker, so no previous experience or knowledge is required. We´ve designed each course to develop the skills you need to speak and understand Spanish in everyday contexts. It takes you through a wide range of practical situations such as travelling, shopping, working and eating out in Spanish-speaking countries. Study resources include printed materials with a dedicated Director of Studies plus a variety of activities. Together, they’ll give you not just language skills but a real feel for Hispanic cultures as well.

The American continent, the only territorial mass that connects the extremes of the planet from north to south. Because of its size, it has the privilege of holding the most diverse climates and ecosystems that are home to the greatest biodiversity in the world.

In addition, half of its population shares something in common: the Spanish language. 80% of all Spanish speakers in the world live in the Americas. Learning a foreign language means understanding another way of thinking and experiencing the world. Spanish will allow you to expand your horizons, help your career, extend travel destinations, make new friends and enjoy the American Hispanic culture that involves 19 countries.

A little photographic journey of life at Dariana Spanish School, we look forward to welcoming you.